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이베이 Finding API에서 http 지원중단안내

이베이 Finding API에서 http 지원중단안내

Finding API Discontinuing Support for HTTP

In our continuing effort to protect the data of eBay's buyers and sellers, eBay data, and eBay developer data, we are discontinuing support for the HTTP endpoints for the Finding API on October 1, 2019. All references to HTTP endpoints have been removed from the supporting documentation on the developer website.

Starting on October 1, 2019, the eBay Finding API will work over HTTPS only (e.g., Any requests submitted via HTTP will fail. 

Before you update your application to use the documented HTTPS endpoints, check the following:

Ensure your application hosting platform/provider supports HTTPS

Test the HTTPS connection 

The requirement to use HTTPS only will apply to both sandbox and production environments. Both environments support HTTPS currently, so either can be used for testing.

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